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Plastic Free July with Tim Silverwood

Tim Silverwood is coming to the Sunshine Coast to help inspire more people to take on the Plastic Free July challenge.
Sunshine Coast Council has engaged EnviroCom to coordinate several events with Tim Silverwood, co-founder of Take 3 Clean Beach Initiative over July. Over the past 12 months, EnviroCom has been delivering a marine debris trial on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Council. The purpose of the trial was to engage the community in a number of beach rubbish clean-up activities focusing on non-bathing reserves. The report highlighted the high level of engagement and beach clean-up activity by the Sunshine Coast community. There was 131 beach clean-up activities recorded in the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) database.
To introduce the next stage of Council’s marine debris project and to promote Plastic Free July, EnviroCom is coordinating several events for Council including a community screening of the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ with a Q&A opportunity with Tim Silverwood and a panel of local experts. There will also be a screening for schools where students can participate in a workshop with Tim to discuss their ideas regarding the issue of marine debris.
For more information on the documentary A Plastic Ocean please visit and for more information on the development of sustainability education and behaviour change programs for your community, organisation or region, please contact EnviroCom.

2016 Premier’s Sustainability Awards 17 Nov 2016


EnviroCom would like to congratulate Moreton Bay Regional Council on their success in the 2016 Premier’s Sustainability Awards.

Since 2005, EnviroCom has worked closely with Moreton Bay Regional Council to develop and deliver a range of initiatives under the Waste Education and Engagement Strategy. Over this eleven year period, a number of highly innovative and effective waste education elements have been developed to deliver community behaviour change in relation to waste generation, disposal, recovery and management. EnviroCom is very proud of the role we have played in assisting Moreton Bay Regional Council to deliver these outcomes and congratulates Moreton Bay Regional Council on their success as winners of the 2016 Premier’s Sustainability Award – Community Award.

For more information on these awards please see and for more information on the development of waste education and behaviour change programs for your community, organisation or region, please contact EnviroCom.

Improving Outcomes from Waste Audits 24/8/2016


On the 23 August EnviroCom (in association with WMAA) delivered waste audit training and received strong support and feedback from participants.

A diverse range of participants from QLD, NSW and SA attended the first WMAA “Improving Outcomes from Waste Audit Workshop” in Brisbane and reported that the training was informative, enjoyable and successful. EnviroCom would like to thank the attendees for their enthusiastic participation and thoughtful contributions to the workshop as well as the Waste Management Association of Australia for their support in offering the workshop.  Keep an eye on the WMAA events for future workshops on this topic.

Early Years Learning Resource Kits Success Story 30/07/15


Results from a follow up survey show how the Early Years Learning (EYL) Resource Kits, developed by EnviroCom, are assisting Early Learning Centres to review and improve their waste management practices.

Results from the follow-up survey, distributed to ELCs six months after receiving a copy of the EYL Resource Kits, show that 95% of survey respondents agreed that the tools and resources in the EYL Resource Kits have enabled their centres to review and improve waste management practices over the last 6 months. As an example, 20% of centres that engaged with tools in the EYL Resource kits decreased the number of general waste bins or general waste services, 15% started a new commingled recycling service and 35% increased the number of commingled recycling bins.

Survey responses also showed that the EYL Resource Kits assisted centre staff with their understanding, confidence and capacity to deliver effective waste education. 80% of respondents noticed a change in the children’s behaviour in relation to their understanding and awareness of waste generation and waste disposal.

All survey respondents agreed that the EYL Resource Kit assisted their centre to meet the Early Years Learning Framework sustainability education and assessment goals and objectives.

The Survey results prove that the suite of education tools included in the EYL Resource Kits allows early years educators to identify opportunities for waste reduction across the Centre, whilst at the same time delivering relevant and engaging educational experiences to the children in their care.

Click here to see survey results

Measuring the long term impacts of community Composting and Worm Farming workshops 06/08/15


While community Composting and Worm Farming workshops continue to attract a lot of community interest, what impact are these workshops having?

EnviroCom facilitates regular, and consistently popular, community Composting and Worm Farming workshops on behalf of many local Councils. By asking workshop attendees to participate in an online survey, 6 months after workshop delivery, it is possible to measure the impact these workshop are having in either changing or maintaining a preferred behaviour in relation to sustainable waste management over time.

At an average workshop, between 40%-60% of participants have either never attempted composting or worm farming, or have tried previously and been unsuccessful. Results from the follow up surveys indicate that more than 85% of participants are successfully engaged in composting or worm farming activities 6 months post-workshop and more than 80% of participants are already using the by-products from their compost or worm farm systems on their gardens.

Survey results indicate that those practising composting are diverting an average of 4L of organic waste per week, and those practising worm farming are diverting an average of 2L of organic waste per week. At this rate, it is estimated that the average workshop participant would divert between 106kg-214kg per annum from landfill for composters and between 53kg-107kg for worm farmers.

Based on the feedback received, it is suggested that even over the longer term, the information and advice provided through the community workshops continues to assist residents to establish or successfully maintain healthy, functioning compost or worm farm systems.

Click here to see Annual Report


Logan City Council’s Think Food, Rethink Waste Recipe Cards 20/07/15


Logan’s local businesses and community groups have once again assisted in providing recipe ideas with a focus on reducing food waste Five local businesses and community organisations have submitted eleven new recipes with a focus on converting leftovers, and food just past its “best before” date, into delicious and nutritious dinners and desserts. Six of the recipes were selected to be turned into recipe cards for distribution to the community at Council special events. The cards also contain practical information on how to best store and prepare food that will save both money and the environment. There are now eleven different ‘Think Food, Rethink Waste’ recipe cards available for the community and, based on the positive feedback received, submissions are now being invited from local businesses, community groups, school students and residents, with a view to compiling all the recipes into an online eRecipe Book for residents of Logan City.

Click here to view a sample recipe card

Nude Food Day unwrapped 15/12/14


Nude Food November Challenge saw thousands of schools all over Australia take up the challenge of reducing lunch box litter. EnviroCom’s Education programs assisted schools in the Melbourne and Brisbane areas to achieve huge reductions in their schools’ lunchtime litter. Read all about the successes in Greater Dandenong and Logan

EnviroDevelopment Professional 18/12/14


EnviroCom is now an EnviroDevelopment Professional. 

As an EnviroDevelopment Professional, EnviroCom can assist organisations to demonstrate environmental credentials through the EnviroDevelopment accreditation scheme.  For more information contact Glenn Eales on 07 3457 2400 or for more information on the EnviroDevelopment program go to

December 2014


EnviroCom a proud sponsor of 2014 P2P Festival 05/06/14


The 2014 Peaks to Points Festival, sponsored by EnviroCom, is being held at various locations from Ipswich to Moreton Bay, from 19 July to 3 August. The Festival offers over 35 events with an environmental theme, either free or low cost, and is sure to be popular during Brisbane’s balmy winter days.

Click here for a look inside the program,   2014 P2P Festival Program    or go to

Peaks to Points 2014

EnviroCom a Premier Sustainable Force 03/06/14


June 2014 – EnviroCom, in partnership with Sunshine Coast Council, was a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards, held recently in Brisbane.

EnviroCom’s long-standing partnership with Sunshine Coast Council has seen the development and delivery of the Waste 2 Resource Education Program – partnering with community, businesses and schools to deliver best practice sustainable waste management.

The program raises awareness and understanding of waste and resource consumption issues, and provides first-hand experience in resource recovery, recycling and waste minimisation.

The success of the program has led to improved waste related behaviours across the Sunshine Coast and a reduction in waste management costs in the region.

120 nominations were received for the awards, and EnviroCom is proud to have been a finalist in the ‘Community’ category. Over 450 people attended the awards presentation dinner at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday 30 May 2014.

For more information on the Winners and Finalists –

Photo from L to R : Graeme Emmerson and Jim Straker of Sunshine Coast Council, with Sandie Johnston and Mandy Botterell of EnviroCom

2014 Sustainability Awards resized