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EnviroCom a Premier Sustainable Force 03/06/14


June 2014 – EnviroCom, in partnership with Sunshine Coast Council, was a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards, held recently in Brisbane.

EnviroCom’s long-standing partnership with Sunshine Coast Council has seen the development and delivery of the Waste 2 Resource Education Program – partnering with community, businesses and schools to deliver best practice sustainable waste management.

The program raises awareness and understanding of waste and resource consumption issues, and provides first-hand experience in resource recovery, recycling and waste minimisation.

The success of the program has led to improved waste related behaviours across the Sunshine Coast and a reduction in waste management costs in the region.

120 nominations were received for the awards, and EnviroCom is proud to have been a finalist in the ‘Community’ category. Over 450 people attended the awards presentation dinner at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday 30 May 2014.

For more information on the Winners and Finalists –

Photo from L to R : Graeme Emmerson and Jim Straker of Sunshine Coast Council, with Sandie Johnston and Mandy Botterell of EnviroCom

2014 Sustainability Awards resized


Primary schools cleaning up their lunch boxes for Nude Food Day 2013


Oct 13 – 800 separate pieces of single use-packaging are generated by the average school lunchbox every year, according to the data that is being collected as part of Logan City Council’s Nude Food Day Schools’ Competition.

Last month 2,600 students participated in a surprise lunchbox inspection where a staggering 10,272 disposable wrappers and packets were counted in one day! It is therefore hardly surprising that food wrappers and other lunchtime packaging contribute to a significant proportion of the waste generated by schools and destined for landfill.

With the help of lesson plans, classroom activities, educational resources and in-class presentations, developed and delivered by EnviroCom on behalf of Logan City Council, 110 Logan primary school classes will work towards achieving zero-waste in their lunchboxes and reducing their environmental footprint by Nude Food Day 2013.

Nude Food Day (16th October 2013) is a national event created by Nude Food Movers to encourage individuals to make their lunch a healthy, nutritious and environmentally friendly meal by filling it with fresh food and eliminating all unnecessary wrapping and packets.

For more information on Nude Food Day 2013, check out the website at:

Stanwell Power Station Outage 2013


EnviroCom leads industrial waste minimisation program.
EnviroCom Australia has been engaged for the fifth year running to continue the waste management, waste minimisation and compliance programs during the 2013 outage program. The outage is Stanwell Corporations largest maintenance activity planned for the 2013/2014 financial year and involves the concurrent closure of two of the existing four operational units. The objectives of the outage waste program include: the recovery of all materials where possible; correct segregation of wastes; and compliance with the relevant legislation. EnviroCom is pleased to support and facilitate the objectives of Stanwell Power Station through on-ground and desktop services including training, planning, data collection, stakeholder liaison, expert advice and research. For more information on industrial waste minimisation programs and special projects waste management planning, contact EnviroCom Australia.

Waste Education Program popular among Western Downs schools and residents


April 2013

EnviroCom delivered twenty-six classes and three workshops in one week, as part of Western Downs Regional Council’s annual School and Community Outreach Program targeting Waste Education.

In March 2013, EnviroCom visited schools throughout the Western Downs region to deliver a series of in-class waste minimisation lessons, tailored to fit with curriculum and key learning areas.  EnviroCom also delivered three community composting and worm farming workshops, to engage community members in simple ways to practise waste minimisation at home and reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfill.   Schools and residents who took part in the outreach responded positively to the interactive nature of the program, providing extremely encouraging verbal and written feedback to the EnviroCom facilitator.

Green thumbs up! Supporting International Composting Awareness Week 2013


EnviroCom is teaming up with Queensland Councils to promote International Composting Awareness Week 2103 (ICAW).

International Composting Awareness Week combines activities and events that teach people why composting is important and the skills to compost successfully at home.

EnviroCom, in partnership with Logan City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Sunshine Coast Council is hosting a series of free community workshops. Workshops include practical demonstrations on setting up and maintaining compost bins and worm farms and tips on how to use the by-products in the garden.

EnviroCom’s team of waste educators also visited schools to deliver composting lessons to spread the word on the importance of organic waste management.

For more information on International Composting Awareness Week Australia, check out the Compost Week website:





Do you know how much waste your Council or office generates?


1/3/2013 – Waste audits have helped to identify opportunities for waste reduction, recycling and minimisation at Gold Coast City Council.

EnviroCom has assisted many Councils, Government Departments and private organisations investigate what waste is generated in their workplace and where opportunities for waste avoidance, reduction and recycling exist.  Contact EnviroCom for assistance in assessing your waste stream and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Clean Up Australia Day


28/2/2013 – For the past 8 years EnviroCom has coordinated Clean Up Australia Day events across the Sunshine Coast.

On Sunday 3rd March EnviroCom will again be working hand in hand with the Sunshine Coast Community for CUAD. For more information on the services EnviroCom provides for these events, please visit our case studies pages.

Demystifying Waste Auditing


EnviroCom presented “Demystifying Waste Auditing” to attendees at Waste Q Mackay in October 2012.

EnviroCom’s presentation of “Demystifying Waste Auditing” at the 2012 Waste Q Conference was well received by the Local Government and other conference delegates. The presentation identified and addressed many of the common concerns when planning waste audits, such as defining sample numbers, waste sampling strategies and the development of a strategic waste assessment methodology.
A copy of the power point used is available through the Waste Management Association Australia.

Compost, Worm Farms and Everything in Between…the complete package for Council


12 months later and 90% of workshop participants surveyed are still recycling their organics, with many diverting more than 5 litres of food waste per week and making great compost.

EnviroCom has developed extensive organics recycling education programs for many Council’s, focusing on each Council’s waste strategy goals and specific community needs. EnviroCom has worked closely with the Sunshine Coast Council, one of the largest Local Government populations in Qld, to develop, implement and evaluate a multi-faceted approach to organics recycling. Aspects of the program include:
• Instructional DVD for both residents and schools, also use by businesses as an induction tool, available in hardcopy through all Council libraries and via Council’s website;
• Community Workshops in Council libraries, Community Gardens and local Bunnings stores;
• PD Days for teachers, staff and parents;
• Displays at special events e.g. Qld Garden Expo;
• And much more.

To view Compost, Worm Farms and Everything in Between visit the Sunshine Coast Council’s website at

Education Resources Review and Development – Graffiti Reduction


A review and redevelopment of Gold Coast City Council’s graffiti reduction resources adds to the recent work undertaken by EnviroCom in the curriculum development field.

The project incudes consultation with key stakeholders; local teachers and members of the Junior Council to ensure usability, currency and appeal. The redeveloped modules will link with the Australian National Curriculum and incorporate activities that encourage creative and innovative responses to the issues of graffiti.