Koala Education Strategy

A facilitated workshop for teachers and other stakeholders was the mechanism to determine the demand for and preferred content and format of a koala conservation resource for schools in Redland, in the heart of South East Queensland’s Koala Coast. EnviroCom planned and hosted the facilitation and subsequently collated and analysed the data for presentation to Council in written and verbal form.



Waste Education and Development of an Education Strategy

A targeted waste education strategy and communication plan, designed to maximise resident participation in new kerbside waste services was developed on behalf of the Burdekin Shire Council.  Initiatives associated with the strategy included, development and distribution of information kits to all residents; targeted classroom presentations and associated school resources; coordination of competitions; development and implementation of newspaper and radio advertising; design and production of public place displays for events, customer service centres and libraries and the development of web support resources. On the ground activities included outreach programs delivered by EnviroCom educators in schools and at community events.

Education Facility Design (mobile & static)

EnviroCom understands that educational facilities, designed to engage users in sustainability issues and encourage behaviour change, must be visually stimulating, highly interactive and incorporate flexibility to enable meaningful participation by a range of user groups. EnviroCom is experienced in designing and project managing the construction of educational facilities targeting a range of environmental issues; these include:

Gold Coast City Council Wipe Out Waste Vans 1 & 2
Gold Coast Water/Allconnex Watersaver Trailer
Toowoomba City Waste Education Wagon
Toowoomba Materials Recovery Facility Education Centre
Visy Recycling Education Centre (Brisbane)
Ergon QUT Smart Train
Mont Dore (New Caledonia) waste education facility design advisory consultant
Sunshine Coast Regional Council ‘Maroochy Waste Alert Centre’


Watersaver Programs

From 2002 to 2011, EnviroCom provided community education services  under the Watersaver banner for Gold Coast Water/Allconnex Water. Services  included: event coordination, presentation and outreach services (school, community and industry groups); promotional material coordination; event outreach services; resource development (school programs); industry training; business follow up services (in response to applications); and multi-media resource development (list not exhaustive). In a number of these services, specialist skills were integrated into program delivery (for example specialist knowledge from the agricultural sector for incorporation in nursery industry training).

Waterways Extension Program

Identifying effective and practical strategies to maximise community participation and associated positive environmental outcomes is a key component of successful sustainability engagement programs. EnviroCom was engaged by Redland City Council to develop a strategic and integrated community engagement plan that would generate community behaviours and actions to support the management of local waterways in order to achieve sustainable water and environmental quality outcomes. Tasks associated with this project included, reviewing existing reports, mapping resources and other research to establish priority areas for consideration in the development of the Waterways Extension Program.

Bayside Community Graffiti Project

Bayside City Council commissioned EnviroCom to develop and implement the Bayside Community Graffiti Project. The strategic community plan that underpinned the program integrated a range of direct action, community and other monitoring systems, communication initiatives to liaise and engage with a range of stakeholders (including community representatives, Local and State government authorities), community engagement and education activities and funding options. The project was highly successful with outcomes including a reduction of graffiti and clean up times as well as improved community engagement.

‘Watch Out Waste’ Education Program

Since 1998,  EnviroCom has provided community education services (Waste Education) to the community of Logan City Council. Services include the coordination of all waste education initiaives, including a number delivered directly by EnviroCom staff and others that manage third parties for the provision of specialised skills. The programs have consisted of a range of outreach (presentation) services to school and community groups, customer complaint responses, research services, promotional materials, web based resources, community events coordination, community event attendance and facility tours (list not exhaustive).

Waste 2 Resource Program

EnviroCom coordinates the delivery of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council”s Waste Alert program. This program uses a diverse mix of education methods and initiatives to target identified sectors of the community to address specific program objectives. Strategies used in this program include: school engagement programs; teacher resource development; facility tours and events; media alerts, press releases and advertising; response to user enquiries/complaints; promotional activities; design and construction of community education centres, development of displays and resources; community competitions and associated engagement strategies; as well as coordination and support for direct community action.

Review of Environmental Education Resources and Priority Area Recommendations

Logan City Council
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EnviroCom undertook a review of hard copy resources that have been generated in the field of environmental education, targeting schools and the general community, to determine a list of priority areas for developmental efforts.

National Review of Water Education Resources and Development of Strategic Priority Listing for Regional Resource Development

EnviroCom undertook an objective review of Australian water education programs and resources to develop strategic recommendations for priority development areas in education, promotion and support materials for Gold Coast Water.