EnviroCom has extensive project experience and a diversity of staff capabilities and expertise.  Each of EnviroCom’s clients has access to our range of specialised services in Environmental Education, Training and Research.

EnviroCom can provide integrated services – linking research, planning, development, delivery and evaluation – as well as discrete or ‘one off’ projects.


EnviroCom Australia undertakes research and technical data collection for a wide range of government and private sector clients. Methodologies are developed specifically for each project to reflect the client’s needs.

Research collection projects include:

  • Corporate sustainability auditing (water, energy, waste)
  • Domestic mobile garbage bin audits (garbage, recycling and organic)
  • Landfill and transfer station audits
  • Landfill assessments
  • Site specific audits
  • Materials recovery facility waste stream audits
  • Commercial and industrial waste assessments
  • Community waste assessments
  • Community attitude and knowledge surveys
  • Inspection programs
  • Desktop research
  • Compliance and legislative auditing
  • Behavioural observations
  • Waste Management Plans and Strategies
  • Education program evaluation and review


Waste Audit at Metropolitan Melbourne Train Stations

Metro Trains Melbourne

In January 2013, Metro Trains Melbourne (Metro Trains) began an educational Waste & Recycling poster campaign at selected metropolitan Melbourne train stations. EnviroCom was appointed to conduct audits to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and to inform future actions.
EnviroCom conducted a pre-education audit in October 2012 to establish a baseline. The post-education audit was conducted in April 2013, three months after the implementation of the educational poster campaign.

The audits involved a site assessment (station cleanliness, condition of bin infrastructure, number and location of bins), visual litter count and bin inspections (% fullness, % contamination and % resource loss), as well as collection and segregation of recycling and garbage bin contents according to the Australian Waste Database (AWD) categories.

From pre- to post-education, there was found to be an increase in the mass of recyclables being presented to the comingled recycling stream and a decrease in the mass of contamination of the recycling stream – both encouraging results! The educational poster campaign has had some success in improving the quality of the recyclables collected from metropolitan Melbourne train stations.

For waste that can make a return journey

For waste that can make a return journey

For waste that has reached the end of the line

For waste that has reached the end of the line