About Us

With 30 professional and administration  staff and six offices nationally, EnviroCom has provided integrated environmental education, research and training programs for industry and government throughout Australia since 1998.

EnviroCom is a supplier of choice for government and private enterprises with projects incorporating a mix of scientific knowledge, community behavioural change, education, communication, research and operational logistics.

Our People

EnviroCom has a great diversity of skills, depth of experience and passion that enables us to provide quality outcomes for our customers and for the environment.

EnviroCom recognises that environmental sustainability is a complex issue that requires technical, social and economic solutions. EnviroCom is a national organisation employing environmental professionals with diverse backgrounds in areas such as  teaching, environmental education, behaviour change, environmental and citizen science, research and data analysis, environmental assessment, communication and community engagement and administration.

The diverse skill sets of EnviroCom’s consultants and the geographic diversity of EnviroCom’s offices and locations provides direct and up to date information on successful, new and innovative approaches to developing environmental strategies, community engagement and behaviour change programs and citizen science projects from across the country. The depth of EnviroCom’s staff base also provides the consultancy with unrivalled opportunities to provide ongoing and timely support for project development and delivery.

EnviroCom’s management team comprise:

Glenn Eales General Manager and Regional Manager (Qld, ACT) 1998
Donald Munro Regional Manager (Vic) 2013
Anna Ricketts Business Advisor and Regional Manager (NSW) 2011
Sandie Johnston  Area Manager  2006

Preferred Supplier

  • Local Buy Qld
  • EcoBiz trainers (Qld DERM)
  • Qld DERM Public Place Recycling Auditors



EnviroCom are proud members of:

  • Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA)
  • Australian Green Development Forum
  • Australian Water Association (AWA)
  • Australian Association of Environment Education
  • Waste and Recycling Contractors Association – NSW and QLD
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) – QLD


EnviroCom works in partnership with Impact Apps. Impact Apps design innovative, intuitive and educational mobile phone applications for Local Government to use when communicating and educating residents about waste and resource use.



  • EnviroCom’s Victorian team are AuSSi Vic accredited facilitators, registered to deliver the State’s Resource
  • Smart Program to schools, Councils and businesses

Current committee representative

  • QESSI – Qld Environmentally Sustainable Schools Initiative Founding and Steering Committee
  • Qld Waste Education working group (QWEG)
  • AWARE Victoria – Association for Waste and Resource Education
  • WMRR