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Early Learning Years Environmental Education Resource Kit

Early Learning Years Environmental Education Resource Kit

Early Learning Years Environmental Education Resource Kit

To complement the release of The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’, EnviroCom has developed an Early Learning Years Environmental Education Resource Kit.  This kit primarily addresses waste management and provides Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens with the means to independently assess and improve their current waste management practices through provision of a waste calculator tool.

The kit also incudes resources for children, including two interactive picture story books: ‘Tom, Sam and Kate Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ and ‘Tom, Sam and Kate’s Backyard Adventure’.  The books include complementary follow-on activities, as well as extension activities for facilitation by group leaders encouraging open-ended play experiences and opportunities for intentional teaching.  The kit also includes reinforcing tools such as posters.

To assist uptake of the Kit, EnviroCom’s trained facilitators can run PD sessions for Centre staff to train them in how to effectively use the Kit and get the most out of it.  Contact EnviroCom today to find out more!


Regulated Waste Training

Client: Stanwell Corporation

EnviroCom Australia delivered three regulated waste training sessions to staff and contractors from Tarong Power Station, Tarong North Power Station and Meandu Mine (Stanwell) to assist in ensuring continued legislative compliance in regulated waste management and tracking.  The practically focused, small group training sessions were delivered onsite and customised for the specific site needs and wastes generated.

The delivery of customised site-based training can be used to assist in addressing complex compliance issues by cutting through the regulatory jargon and focusing on the specific needs of a site, a project or an event.  This process is best applied where detailed consideration of the waste generation composition and behaviour has been undertaken.

EnviroCom can assist any of our customers to assess waste composition, waste generation behaviours, regulated waste generation, waste management planning and develop site specific training or other interventions to address efficiencies, resource loss, resource recovery and compliance goals.

Special Projects and Innovative Waste Management

Does your large scale construction or industrial maintenance project require specialised waste management support?

EnviroCom provided Stanwell Power Station (SPS) with specialised waste management expertise during the 2012 Outage Project. Each year Stanwell Power Station takes one of its four units offline for major maintenance and upgrade work. The Outage runs for approximately 60 days and requires an additional 650 specialist personnel onsite. Every Outage since 2009, EnviroCom has provided a field officer to oversee waste management. The officer’s duties include training, maximising waste segregation, logistics, reviewing procedures/policies, ensuring legislatively compliant disposal of waste, contractor liaison, collation and analysis of data plus reporting.

Integrated Waste Management Services

EnviroCom”s substantial experience in the industrial sector, coupled with knowledge of best practice waste systems and organisational cultural change, has been utilised by Stanwell Corporation, primarily at Stanwell Power Station (SPS) west of Rockhampton, since 2008. Coinciding with the introduction of an integrated waste management plan for the site, EnviroCom has provided on the ground services to ensure effective and compliant management of waste via waste audits, waste systems advice, contractor liaison and delivery of environmental training. This has been supported through reviews of waste management policies and procedures, including the handling and tracking of regulated and hazardous wastes.
Since 2010 EnviroCom has also provided on the ground waste advice during station outage (shutdown) events, assisting SPS to effectively manage increased waste volumes and an expanded workforce over this period.

Waste Management Planning, Planning Workshops and On Going Waste Management Services

An extensive program of waste composition assessments undertaken by EnviroCom on behalf of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) was the catalyst for ongoing engagement with this prestigious tertiary institution. EnviroCom was subsequently commissioned by QUT to facilitate the development of a Waste Management Plan (WMP) undertaking liaison and consultation with all relevant stakeholders, including facilities management (sustainability manager and officers plus finance controllers), departmental representatives and waste contractors. EnviroCom was further commissioned to contribute to the development and review of the WMP.