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EnviroCom complete another successful year of the Beach Clean Up Program with Sunshine Coast Council

CU4TH SCC Team (Medium)For the fourth year running, EnviroCom have been engaged by Sunshine Coast Council to assist in the development and delivery of the Sunshine Coast Beach Clean Up Program. The program aims to support and enhance the community’s engagement with monitoring and maintaining the local environment to minimise the impacts of marine debris.

Last year, the Beach Clean Up Program assisted more than 2,400 participants in collecting 117,627 pieces of litter across 83 locations on the Sunshine Coast. EnviroCom was involved in coordinating three major regional events including Clean Up Australia Day, Clean Up for the Hatchlings and Schools Beach Clean Up, as well as smaller beach clean up events throughout the year.

Thanks to the dedicated community on the Sunshine Coast, the Beach Clean Up Program is continuing to grow and develop. Through training and engagement, the program provides the community with the skills to create behaviour change, with the key message that every small action contributes to great change.

The data collected from the Beach Clean Up Program is utilised locally, but is also added to the Tangaroa Blue Australian Marine Debris Initiative database. This data is analysed to allow for strategic implementation of source reduction projects, which aim to stop the waste material becoming litter in the first place.

EnviroCom has been engaged to deliver the Beach Clean Up Program for another three years. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with the Sunshine Coast Council and the community to protect the local environment.

2019 Clean Up Australia Day breaks records on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast community turned out in record numbers to support Clean Up Australia Day events across the region.

For more than a decade, EnviroCom has proudly coordinated Clean Up Australia Day events for the Sunshine Coast Council and this year was the biggest one ever. The Sunshine Coast had a 10% increase from last year’s volunteer numbers, with 1630 registered volunteers across more than 100 sites.

Over the years, EnviroCom has assisted Council to utilise Clean Up Australia Day to not only raise awareness of littering and its impacts, but to also instil pride in the community to protect their local environment. Community engagement with the event has grown and broadened both geographically and socially. Sites are now located across the entire region, from the beaches to the hinterland and involve early learning centres, schools, businesses and community groups. Many areas of the community work together and support each other for greater outcomes. Schools have been encouraged to register sites outside their school grounds and to engage with community mentors to help develop the citizen scientists of the future. This investment in the community has developed an increasingly engaged community on the Sunshine Coast and now every day, every walk, every pedal and every paddle is a little Clean Up Sunshine Coast Day.