School Recycling

School Waste Minimisation Planning Program Takes Off

In 2013, Logan City Council’s popular waste education program, Watch Out Waste, began offering schools assistance with the development of a tailored School Waste Minimisation Plan (SWMP) to align with their School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP).

The assistance based program involves experienced EnviroCom educators providing advice on off-site collection services.  This advice helps schools undertake baseline data gathering and develop a targeted and practical School Waste Minimisation Plan.  The established in-class education program also complements the waste minimisation goals set by the school.

EnviroCom has currently assisted 4 schools to successfully develop a SWMP, with the collaborative approach to planning and development positively received by all schools involved. Through Council’s Watch Out Waste Program, EnviroCom hopes to engage a further 4-8 schools in the new financial year, as well as expand the program to provide assistance to local businesses.

For more information about Logan City Council’s Watch Out Waste Program visit Council’s website:

Waste Minimisation Assistance Program for Schools

Liverpool City Council engaged EnviroCom to assist students and staff at local schools to implement a recycling program and reduce overall waste volumes as part of their School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP).

The SEMP is a comprehensive, staged program which includes a baseline audit of the schools waste streams, (undertaken by students), analysis and reporting of the findings and the development of a whole-of-school Waste Minimisation Action Plan (WMAP). Experienced EnviroCom educators assist schools in designing and undertaking baseline data gathering and developing a targeted and practical Action Plan, as well as providing education services that places waste minimisation in a broader environmental context.

The SEMP development process is positive, comprehensive and proactive; combining education with action. EnviroCom has assisted 16 Liverpool schools to successfully complete their SEMP, with another 8 schools currently engaged.